We want to make the world a better place with our products. Because of this, we refine our products as much as possible to save the environment and support sustainable development

Our biomass-based, advanced liquid fuel end product is primed for an extremely bright future in industrial energy production and transport, both in Finland and globally.

Our products can also effectively facilitate achieving the national renewable energy usage goals.


Bio-oil can be used as a replacement for fossil fuels in energy production and transport. It is easier to transport and handle, and more cost-effective than solid wood-based fuels or biomasses. This is due to the fact its energy density based on effective heating value is considerably higher than other options.



Bio-oil is a liquid fuel manufactured from bio-based raw material. It is prepared by vaporising biomass in oxygen-free conditions and condensing the resulting gaseous components into a liquid.
The ASTM D7544 -09 standard was published in 2009 and the EN16900/2017 standard in 2017. These can be used in bio-oil purchase contracts and user guidance.
The standards define the physical and chemical requirements for bio-oils produced from biomass (bio-pyrolysis oils).

Bio-Oil Use Applications
•    Industry and energy plant heat production
•    Transport fuels
•    Chemicals industry


Bio-ash can be used for ground cultivation and as forest fertiliser, as granulated ash provides nutrients very steadily. About 2 tons of bio-ash is produced per day as a bio-oil by-product.

Bio-ash as Forest Fertiliser

Using bio-ash as forest fertiliser helps restore previously lost nutrients to the forest. It also reduces the use of unrenewable mineral-based fertilizers. The ash is produced during wood burning and contains a significant amount of nutrients such as phosphorus, potassium and trace elements. During its growth, a tree takes these nutrients from the soil.
Bio-ash is best suited for forestry drainage areas with plenty of nitrogen and thick peat due to its low nitrogen content. The ash also increases microorganism activity, which accelerates the decomposition of organic matter in the soil.


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