Join Us in Creating a Cleaner World

We are looking for bioenergy experts who want to help us make Finnish bio-economy history. We offer interesting challenges and tasks for active, open-minded team players.



Values as Guidelines

Our values are:

  • Understanding
  • Innovation and constant development (Trailblazing)
  • Ecological thinking
  • Trust

We operate according to our values and the principles of sustainable development contained within those values. With an open mind, we challenge the traditional, fossil fuel based operating models and replace them with a more ecologically friendly option.

We value a continuous desire to learn and develop yourself. In addition, we want to spread reliable information about biofuels and their advantages. Our mutual values also guide our workplace interactions with each other, as well as the leadership qualities we appreciate.


Leading the Development Race

Green Fuel Nordic is a Finnish bio-refining company. Our plan for the near future is to build several biorefineries in Finland to utilize our commercially certified pyrolysis technology.

Once the refining operations are underway, we will offer a viable, environmentally friendly, local and sustainable alternative for fossil fuels. We strive to be a major global pioneer in advanced biofuel refinement.


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