Lieksa refinery begins bio-oil deliveries to customers


Green Fuel Nordic Oy’s Lieksa refinery, which refines raw materials from the forest into bio-oil, is set to begin bio-oil deliveries to its customers.

The first delivery from the refinery is heading to Joensuu. The recipient of the Lieksa bio-oil is the Savon Voima Joensuu heating plant.

Bio-oil production started on the 2nd of December, following equipment installations and testing in Lieksa in the summer and autumn of this year.

“We managed to complete project on schedule, so naturally I’ll take this opportunity to offer a big thank you to everyone involved”, says Green Fuel Nordic CEO Timo Saarelainen.


Supporting the Savon Voima strategy

“The increasing use of bio-based liquid fuels supports Savon Voima’s strategy to produce carbon-neutral energy. We are also well-equipped to use pyrolysis oil in our heat production”, says Savon Voima’s Timo Partanen.

In their strategy, Savon Voima has outlined their goal to be a fully carbon-neutral energy producer by the end of this decade.

“We want to do our part to support pyrolysis oil production and use in the region. It also helps us when there’s more supply on the market and more demand is created as a result”, Partanen sums up his thoughts.

More information:

Timo Saarelainen
Green Fuel Finland Oy

Timo Partanen
Technical manager
Savon Voima Joensuu Oy


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