How We Support Sustainable Development



We are building an economically and ecologically viable future for both our customers and the entire society. We can achieve this by always ensuring the competitiveness and viability of our operation. These are also requirements for continuous development of our operation, which is one of our key values.



We support locality through distributed energy production. This means our production units are always located near the resource and the bio-oil end users.
By placing our production plants close to the raw material, we reduce the greenhouse gas emissions from transport. As such, the raw material acquisition radius for each of our bio-oil plants is roughly 100 to 150 kilometres.
On top of the environmental benefits, locality also means more jobs and increased well-being in the areas we operate in. We always want to be a good local business resident and a respected neighbour.

A Responsible Alternative

Fossil fuels can be entirely replaced in energy production by our liquid biofuel, made from renewable forest biomass. Our biofuel also supports the realisation of Finland’s long-term climate and energy strategy, whose goal is to increase the share of renewable energy to 38 percent of all energy production.

According to studies, replacing fossil fuels with bio-oil reduces the carbon footprint by over 90%, making it an extremely environmentally friendly alternative.

Our liquid biofuel also improves Finland’s energy self-sufficiency and security of supply.
We strive for transparency throughout our refinement value chain by developing extensive reporting tools and engaging in active dialogue with our stakeholders.


A Renewable Resource

We use renewable biomass from the forest as the raw material for bio-oil, either directly or via wood-based by-products of the sawmill and pulp industries. Our advanced biofuel does not make any use of food chain resources.

Bio-oil production is a new and sustainable refinement path to utilising our forests. This is particularly vital in areas adversely affected by the restructuring of the traditional forest industry, where the forest has always been a major source of employment and income.

Through sustainable utilisation of forests, we can facilitate extensive use of wood up to 70–75 million cubic metres of industrial use per year. Currently, the forests in Finland grow by over 100 million cubic metres each year, but industry only uses 50 million cubic metres annually.


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