Green Fuel Nordic Oy issue of shares


Shareholders’ meeting of Green Fuel Nordic Oy made a resolution 10th of November 2021, to authorize board to decide on the issuance of new shares. With this authorization, Green Fuel Nordic Oy board has decided, 22nd of November 2021, to provide shareholders new shares for subscription. 

Subscription Rights

Shares will be provided primarily for current shareholders in a way that each shareholder can subscribe shares according to their will. Each subscriber receives at least the amount of shares that responds the share of ownership of the subscriber rounded into upper full share (”Minimum amount”) or lower amount of shares subscribed by the shareholder. In a case of oversubscription, subscribed shares that exceed the minimum amount, will be allocated to the shareholders that have subscribed shares over the minimum amount in share of their subscriptions over the minimum amount. If all provided shares have not been subscribed based on secondary subscription, all unsubscribed shares can be divided as decided by the board.
Based on Green Fuel Nordic Oy articles of association redemption clause and consent clause, subscription right can not be transferred.
Board decides on the acceptance of subscriptions by 31st of December 2021.

Subscription begins 29th of November 2021 and ends 22nd of December 2021 at 16:00 Finnish Time (EET)

Subscription right user must return attached subscription document filled and signed before the end of subscription time via Email to: Shareholder can, using the same document, report the amount that shareholder wants to subscribe with secondary subscription right if all the amount of shares is not subscribed based on shareholders’ pre-emptive right.
Shares need to be paid at time of subscription to Green Fuel Nordic Oy bank account: FI94 1044 3000 2242 87
If subscriber does not obtain all subscribed shares based on secondary subscription right, subscription price will be refunded to subscriber latest 6th of January 2022. Refund does not include interest. Shareholder must report, in the attached subscription document, bank account number for refund.
Official documents, required by company law, are available in the head office of Green Fuel Nordic Oy, address Siltakatu 18 4.kerros, 80100, Joensuu.
With additional information, please contact Chairman of the Board Matti Virtaala +358 50 550 7313.

Joensuu, 22nd of November 2021

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