Green Fuel Nordic and Fortum have signed supply agreement


Green Fuel Nordic starts to deliver Bio-Oil to Fortum’s heating plant in Vermo, Espoo. Bio-oil replaces fossil fuel use in the plant. Bio-Oil is produced in Green Fuel Nordic’s biorefinery in Lieksa, Finland.

”Vermo heating plant uses Bio-Oil as a sustainable fuel for periods when energy demand is extremely high”, says Fuel Manager Esa Parkko from Fortum.

Industry steps towards carbon neutrality and Finland’s emission reduction targets are substantial. This contract supports the development and usage of bio-oils even in a larger scale in the future.

”Green Fuel Nordic’s Fast Pyrolysis Bio-Oil is an excellent option for customers in different industries to replace fossil fuels now and in the future. This contract is a great example of the future development. Fortum offers clean and sustainable energy solutions to their customers and Green Fuel Nordic supports Fortum in their work”, says Olli Honkanen, CEO of Green Fuel Nordic.


Olli Honkanen
+358 40 5539929


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