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Appointments in Green Fuel Nordic Oy’s project organization


Green Fuel Nordic Oy’s plans to build biorefineries in Finland are progressing as planned. In order to secure the high quality of the realization of the investment projects the following appointments have been done:  

Kari Hartikainen has been appointed Project Manager. Kari has a wide range of practical experience in successful management of investment projects. Kari is also well versed in the forest industry operating environment. The last 30 years he has held various positions at Metsähallitus, Veitsiluoto, Vapo and Anaika Wood.

The project manager has an overall responsibility for implementing of the project within a given conditions. He is also responsible that the project achieves the desired level of quality.

Jerkko Starck has been appointed Project Engineer. Jerkko has studied the opportunities for the bio-oil (pyrolysis oil) business in the Finnish operating environment.

Jerkko also has experience in practical project and production duties at Fortum’s, Teollisuuden Voima’s  and Lahti Energia’s power plants. In his new positions Jerkko reports to Kari Hartikainen.

The project engineer is responsible for monitoring the realization of the project’s budget, timetable and resources as well as for maintaining and developing project document management. The project engineer is also responsible for coordinating and growing the bio-refinery’s process know-how within Green Fuel Nordic’s organization.

Kari and Jerkko will work out of Kuopio, Finland.
̶  I wish Kari and Jerkko success in important project responsibilities, says Timo Saarelainen, CEO.     

Additional information:
Timo Saarelainen, CEO
tel. +358  040 707 6640
email timo.saarelainen(at)

Green Fuel Nordic Oy is a Finnish biorefining company. Company´s business idea is to utilize the already commercially proven RTP™ technology for production of second-generation bio-oil from local, renewable forest-based biomass. The off-take is a liquid, low-carbon and sulfur-free bio-oil that can directly replace light and heavy fuel oil in renewable energy applications. In the upcoming years, Green Fuel Nordic Oy aims to build several biorefineries in Finland. The company, established in October 2011, is headquartered in Kuopio, Finland.

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