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Green Fuel Nordic and Savon Voima agree on GFN's Bio-oil delivery


Green Fuel Nordic has signed an agreement with Savon Voima for GFN Bio-oil supply. The contract agrees the supply of GFN Bio-oil to Savon Voima's Iisalmi Kivirannankuja district heating plant. This heating plant generates district heat in severe cold weather and in possible disturbances in the main production plants. GFN Bio-oil is intended to use a heating plant to replace fossil fuel oil.


 "Finland's strategic goal is to reduce the use of fossil fuels and to move to domestic renewable alternatives. The raw material for the production of GFN Bio-oil is by sawing by-products and wood from first thinning. The use of GFN Bio-oil in heating centers to replace fossil fuel oil reduces carbon footprint by more than 90%. GFN Bio-oil is a commercially competitive option to replace the use of fossil fuels in heat production, "says Timo Saarelainen, CEO of Green Fuel Nordic Oy.

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