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Green Fuel Nordic Oy confirms potential location of two biorefineries

Biorefining company Green Fuel Nordic Oy has selected Iisalmi and Savonlinna as potential locations for its biorefineries in Finland.

IThe investment-related pre-planning for the two locations has progressed as planned. Green Fuel Nordic Oy will begin the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), required for an environmental permit, in collaboration with its potential partners at the locations it has chosen.

Pre-planning for a third biorefinery is still under way.

Promising new applications

As a product, bio-oil is just at the beginning of its life cycle; there will be new applications for it in the near future in addition to the already existing commercial applications.

”Bio-oil can be commercially utilized right now in industrial energy and district heat production. Emerging alongside these applications is the use of sulfur-free bio-oil to power marine diesel engines,” says Green Fuel Nordic Oy’s CEO Timo Saarelainen.

The proposed sulfur directive for marine traffic in the Baltic Sea is estimated to lead to an additional one billion euros in expenses for the Finnish export industry, unless the sulfur emissions of ships can be significantly reduced. The use of bio-oil offers a quick and economical solution for this.

”A natural path of development from big diesel engine fuel applications is normal liquid transportation fuels. In the longer term, there will be interesting applications for bio-oil also in the chemical industry sector,” says Green Fuel Nordic Oy’s Chairman of the Board of Directors Vesa Kainulainen.

Additional information:
Timo Saarelainen
CEO, Green Fuel Nordic Oy
Tel: +358 40 7076640

Green Fuel Nordic Oy is a Finnish biorefining company. Company´s business idea is to utilize the already commercially proven RTP™ technology for production of second-generation bio-oil from local, renewable forest-based biomass. The off-take is a liquid, low-carbon and sulfur-free bio-oil that can directly replace light and heavy fuel oil in renewable energy applications. In the upcoming years, Green Fuel Nordic Oy aims to build several biorefineries in Finland. The company, established in October 2011, is headquartered in Kuopio, Finland.


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