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The biorefinery project plan in Lieksa was well recieved


Lieksa Industrial Estate Ltd is preparing an industrial development plan in Kevätniemi, which is part of the strategy of city of Lieksa. Project management for the plan is purchased from Green Fuel Nordic Oy.

An open press conference was held 5th November 2013 in Cultural Centre of Lieksa about starting of the planning and changes in the plot plan in Kevätniemi, as well as the future prospects of bio-oil.

Development of the area focuses on strenghtening of the forest cluster, but also other sectors are closely involved in the plan. The project management of the development plan Lieksa Industrial Estate Ltd buys from Green Fuel Nordic Oy, which has prior experience in a similar process, among other things, Soinlahti Industrial estate in Iisalmi.

The Lieksa City Council Ari Marjeta acted as the event moderator. In addition to the Lieksa city’s and Lieksa Industrial Estate Ltd’s representatives The Green Fuel Nordic’s CEO Timo Saarelainen spoke in the conference. He gave the audience a presentation about the company and introduction on the ’Bio-based economy – The future of industrial environment’. Also project director Kari Hartikainen from Green Fuel Nordic was present to answer questions from the audience.

Green Fuel Nordic is planning to build a biorefinery at Kevätniemi area. A plot plan is drawn as a part of overall planning of the area, which includes, inter alia, the areas for bio-oil production, a terminal of biomass, siding solutions for the train traffic, as well as internal roads and utilities. The solutions aims for synergies that will benefit both the already operating industry in the region as well as new companies. The development plan also include Kevätniemi area trafic arrangements for road 73 and pedestrial and bicycle ways. The design work will be completed in the end of this year and the plot plan by summer 2014.

The press conference atracted widespread interest and the audience presented a wide rage of comments and questions about the development of the area and operation of the biorefinery. Issues related to environmental impacts, security and traffic arrangements were of concern to some extent to the public, so for these questions the introductory speakers and company representatives replied carefully. In general it can be stated that the attitude towards Kevätniemi area development and biorefinery operation starting was is locally very positive. New jobs and finding a new processing path for forest-based biomass was felt particularly welcome.

Additional Information:

Green Fuel Nordic Oy
Project Director Kari Hartikainen
Tel. +358 40 027 8402

Green Fuel Nordic Oy is a Finnish biorefining company. The company’s business idea is to utilize commercially proven RTP™ technology for the production of second-generation bio-oil from local, renewable, forest-based biomass. The off-take is a liquid, low-carbon and sulfur-free bio-oil that can directly replace light and heavy fuel oil in renewable energy applications. In the upcoming years, Green Fuel Nordic Oy aims to build several biorefineries in Finland. The company, established in October 2011, is headquartered in Kuopio, Finland.

Green Fuel Nordic Oy on biojalostusyhtiö, joka liiketoiminta-ajatus on jo kaupallisessa käytössä olevan RTPTM-teknologian hyödyntäminen toisen sukupolven bioöljyn tuotannossa. Valitun teknologian avulla uusiutuvasta metsäbiomassasta voidaan valmistaa nestemäistä, rikitöntä bioöljyä, joka sellaisenaan korvaa fossiilista polttoöljyä. Green Fuel Nordic Oy aikoo rakentaa Suomeen lähitulevaisuudessa useita biojalostamoita. Lokakuussa 2011 perustetun yhtiön kotipaikka on Kuopio. - See more at:
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